Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Garden Show

It is almost here - the Spring Home and Garden show opens tomorrow, April 11 at 8 am at Monticello in Portland. Lots of work finding it, fixing it, loading it and the displaying it. My old knees are mindfull of that these days!  But it is always a fun show to set up. I love interacting with the other dealers. Randy of Madison Park is across from our booth and he has 35 wicker picnic (European and American) baskets that are so beautiful. I asked him if he bought a collection and he said he bought them one at a time and they had been great insulation on a wall in his attic for 5 years. Go see them - you will have a hard time picking a favorite.  I will post pics of them when I go back up. So the show runs through June 11 but it will change daily. So go have a look - I dare you to leave without making a purchase.... Happy Spring   Mary

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it all. fun seeing some of my things in there....well, I guess your things now. =)
    What a great job you do!! amazing, and love getting to know you, and learn from you.

    Sharing your page on FB....hope it is ok.