Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Halloween is here!

Undertakers and Embalmers says it all as Halloween is here. Sara painted the sign and it makes our display!
Thank you Sara for sharing your artistic abilities and helping your aging Mom do the best displays!

Yes the white pumpkins are real. They are called Polar Bear and just glow.

Another original painting by Sara - Crow and pumpkin. We had a "pet" crow on the
farm that gave all of us a love of crows. Even when he woke us up at day break for his

The witch hats have been a staple of our halloween displays. They are made by youth with
disabilities. Fantastic work! Fun hats! 

From legs to witch shoes - we have it!

Another witch hat!

An industrial rolling cart - a bar, a kitchen island,or......
So get down to Monticello Antique Marketplace and get your Halloween on. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Freshen up Fall!

The big hutch sold so time to freshen up that wall. a butcher block, a wicker wing back chair, a gold mirror and a Victorian Elk painting. Fresh! 

Under the elk is a basket of white pumpkins and antlers. Love the blend of neutral colors. 

A butter crock attributed to Red Wing Pottery - for you collectors. A real Amish mens hat from Intercouse, Pennsylvania. 

I love stacking pumpkins even though it is harder than it looks! 

A beautiful, original oil painting of a bugling elk. Don't think it will last long... So enjoy Fall
wherever you are. It is a great season of colors, smells and foods! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall is in the air!

Fall is right on time for me and my new display at Monticello Antiques In Portland, Or.  The Fall show opens tomorrow (September 2nd)  and we are ready Thank you Sara for your help and beautiful displays... 

Jadite stops you in your tracks- the color and the childhood memories. This is actually my daughter Sara's collection.
She has kept a little that she uses and the rest is up for sale. The primitive hutch is unusual and lovely. The crown molding is all done by hand with keyhole cutouts.  It is only $395 too. 

Mums are the fall flower. Put them in a double wash stand with wonderful graphics and you have a display!

I loved this giclee painting of hollyhocks. It started the whole display. The cupola with brass weathervane pulls it together- put it on your front porch, in your living room or on top of your house! 

A wonderful old barn door (white on one side and weathered gray on the other) is $175.
The scale is also a clock. The cow is a peaceful reminder of all our animals on the farm. 

A fall garden cart that holds Sedum Neon and squirrels.

A rake head of drying herbs and crabapples. Fall is time to put up food.

So get down to Montiello Antique Marketplace to see all the Fall displays. I think the vendors have done a great job with many unusual displays. Come celebrate my favorite season. See you there...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feels like summer

So if it is going to feel like summer, I will make my space feel like summer. So red, white and blue it  is. It is such a happy color combination and not just for the Fourth of July.  America is great! I know we have some problems but we are still a great county. I never take my freedom for granted. 

A nice dress with a real hooped skirt. I grew up in the South and all the wonderful, old homes have really big front doors. Hooped skirts is why. The chippy door behind her is from thr old Eugene Hotel. A piece of history with lots of stories I am sure.

It would not be a Repent style display without a hand painted sign by Sara.  Love it Sara!

A store display enamel tub that they sold pickles out of. Fabulous piece!

Cirque Francais - yes it is a vintage French poster advertising the local circus. "With your friends the clowns"! One of a kind!

A wonderful old martin house. I love old bird houses and have quite a few in my home. This beauty could be yours! So come down and see our new display. The Garden Show is still going on for another week out back at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland.  Better hurry!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The wheels go round...

Bicycle wheels - that is. Our new salute to summer and getting outside. Yes Sara painted the sign. Loved the colors so I ran with the black and red color scheme. The patio umbrella is the cutest I have ever seen - scallops and embroidered dots. The black table is perfect! 

Garden art - an old rusty bike with two baskets for flowers! Perfect on your porch.

I made some bike pillows and found some fun wheels!

The paper plates are not paper - but reusable plastic from one of my favorite artists Mary Lake Thompson. The bike towels would be fun for your summer kitchen. So get into Monticello for a little shopping. Summer is coming.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bring more!

When one sells - I have another waiting - I hope. This primitive cubby, mail sort piece is now at Monti. The window piece sold. The beautiful wood tones of this are what makes it so special. Go have a look while it is still there:)

A metal porch planter to make you smile every time you come home. It is planted with a white verbena that goes strong all summer.

Another porch planter - a soft blue wheelbarrow planted with white geraniums and blue lobelia. Come see...summer is here!

More new furniture

When the new furniture sells - you bring more. This chippy piece is built around an old window. The back is galvenized tin.  A recycled beauty! The English Ironstone plates are sturdy and beautiful in their simple white. 

Westmoreland grape pattern pitcher and glasses. A hard to find color. Lemonaide anyone?

A large cement rooster. And those pink begonia baskets in the background - gardens and summer are calling...So get down to Monticello on Stark in Portland for some serious shopping!