Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feels like summer

So if it is going to feel like summer, I will make my space feel like summer. So red, white and blue it  is. It is such a happy color combination and not just for the Fourth of July.  America is great! I know we have some problems but we are still a great county. I never take my freedom for granted. 

A nice dress with a real hooped skirt. I grew up in the South and all the wonderful, old homes have really big front doors. Hooped skirts is why. The chippy door behind her is from thr old Eugene Hotel. A piece of history with lots of stories I am sure.

It would not be a Repent style display without a hand painted sign by Sara.  Love it Sara!

A store display enamel tub that they sold pickles out of. Fabulous piece!

Cirque Francais - yes it is a vintage French poster advertising the local circus. "With your friends the clowns"! One of a kind!

A wonderful old martin house. I love old bird houses and have quite a few in my home. This beauty could be yours! So come down and see our new display. The Garden Show is still going on for another week out back at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland.  Better hurry!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The wheels go round...

Bicycle wheels - that is. Our new salute to summer and getting outside. Yes Sara painted the sign. Loved the colors so I ran with the black and red color scheme. The patio umbrella is the cutest I have ever seen - scallops and embroidered dots. The black table is perfect! 

Garden art - an old rusty bike with two baskets for flowers! Perfect on your porch.

I made some bike pillows and found some fun wheels!

The paper plates are not paper - but reusable plastic from one of my favorite artists Mary Lake Thompson. The bike towels would be fun for your summer kitchen. So get into Monticello for a little shopping. Summer is coming.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bring more!

When one sells - I have another waiting - I hope. This primitive cubby, mail sort piece is now at Monti. The window piece sold. The beautiful wood tones of this are what makes it so special. Go have a look while it is still there:)

A metal porch planter to make you smile every time you come home. It is planted with a white verbena that goes strong all summer.

Another porch planter - a soft blue wheelbarrow planted with white geraniums and blue lobelia. Come see...summer is here!

More new furniture

When the new furniture sells - you bring more. This chippy piece is built around an old window. The back is galvenized tin.  A recycled beauty! The English Ironstone plates are sturdy and beautiful in their simple white. 

Westmoreland grape pattern pitcher and glasses. A hard to find color. Lemonaide anyone?

A large cement rooster. And those pink begonia baskets in the background - gardens and summer are calling...So get down to Monticello on Stark in Portland for some serious shopping!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New furniture

The oak cabinet sold so we took in this cute pine washstand with a marble top. I love the bun feet. Above it is a garden bird identification poster. Every morning I bring my coffee into our front room. It has alot of glass and lovely views too. Right outside is a weeping cherry tree and a little brown thrush sits there and sings to me every morning. 

All three of the garden carts sold so I took in a vintage turquoise metal tea cart. Sturdy and ready for your deck and all your entertaining.

Rosy ring candles that burn for 85 hours. And they burn very even. Sara's favorite is the Tomato Vine while mine is the Mandarin thyme. Go smell and pick your favorite.

One of Sara's "new" old signs. The industrial lamp is one of a kind and made by a clever friend. So the Garden  show is in full force. I am having trouble keeping the begonia baskets in stock - what a problem - huh!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Garden Show!

Rieger begonia hanging baskets and the new Mad Hare cement rabbits! Let the show begin...

The new Mad Hare rabbits on the right and the sweet cement bunnies on the left.
Ever garden needs one... or both????

Sara is our sign painter but I actually did the Star garden seeds clock. I was glad to
finally find something to do with that big round of plywood.

Sara's signs above the oak hutch and to the left. She has quite a following
and a special order list to do too!

Spicy Apple, Anjou Pear and Apricot Rose candles. Oh the smells!

Bunny vases, metal post boxes and a card holder made out of a pastry cutter.

The Mad Hare is my favorite garden piece this year! Yes I kept one!

Look at that rusty garden cart that the McGregor sign is on. It is long
and beautiful and may need to live on your porch....

Sara signs - these are only $60 each. Don't they look old!

A  garden bell to call everyone to dinner.

An old enamel sink on a sewing machine base. There are two black porcelain door handles where the
faucets would have been. Ready for your porch..
So get down to Monticello Antique Marketplace for their Garden Show! You will be amazed at the
creative displays and wonderful merchandise for sale. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring is knocking...

With the arrival of Spring comes softer colors. This display with the hand made blue and white quilt is a breath of fresh air! Welcome Spring at Monticello with our new display! Even cows and roosters come in Spring colors!

The blue barn door is a great backdrop for any room. I painted and dark waxed one side in the blue but the other side is the original color white/soft grey. Use it on both sides for two totally different looks. 

Sara has painted another sign on old wood and you have an instant "antique". She does a great job with the graphics and colors. She has a new puppy, Juneau, that is taking time away from her painting! I will keep her focused.... we love Juneau too though. Smart and my first grand dog. 

A vintage French wire birdcage made in Tunisia. Beautiful! 

Little wire and glass picture frames with vintage postcards in them. A nice thank you or birthday gift for anyone. The white enamel soap dishes are so practical you may need a few.

German grain canisters in blue and white. Two have lids and two do not. Priced well.

German Roe deer mounts. Love these! So come help welcome Spring - we are so glad it is here! See you at Monticello!