Monday, December 2, 2013

The magic begins!

We all know there is magic in Christmas.  You take a plain green tree and adorn it to make it a work of art to share with family and friends and customers. We did just that for the Christmas window at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland. We added antlers, pheasant feathers, vintage brass horns, mercury glass and copper ornaments and icicles for some sparkle. And there is some magic! We set that tree on a vintage galvanized water trough that has a handmade wooden top to transform it to a bench or sofa table for your home. More magic! One of my favorite pieces in the display is an old chippy door we made into a corner shelf. It sold while we were there (hard to keep customers out when they spot something they like!) but I will take another up on Thursday and it will be for sale. So go see the magic for yourself and then get home and make some magic in your own home to share with family and friends for this wonderful season. Even a simple string of lights can make the magic... have fun with the process!  The world needs more magic!  Mary and Sara