Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No Spring will skip it's turn,,,

There is a poem that reads "No winter lasts forever, no spring will skip it's turn."  All of us
in the Pacific Northwest are hoping that is true as we are tired of the cold, the snow, the rain and the grey skies.
So come on Spring. Today we did our new Spring display. Turquoise and bunnies are everywhere.

This wonderful turquoise hutch is big, chippy and commands your attention. Lots of display
or storage with this one of a kind hutch.

I recovered the seats of this great little bistro set. The mason jar pillows are made out of some
cotton tea towels. Love that pop of color!

Bunnies, lambs and chicks ready for you to take home.

Vicki Sawyer, the artist of these wonderful mugs and paper napkins claims "If birds can build
nests - then they can make hats".  I would say she is right!

Beautiful set of purple transferware china.  

These linen botanical wall hangings are only $40!  They fill a whole wall!

So while the rain and grey continues here in Portland get into Monticello Antique Marketplace
to wander, shop and dream. Remember - no spring will skip it's turn....

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sell it - Replace it!

If it sells - you replace it. Don't you love how the windmill clock just completes the theme. And the chicken crate gives us the height we need after the Crock bench sold. 

Love the new botanical wall hangings - and only $40.00!

This child size mannequin caught my attention - so I bought it. Turns out it is a mechanical store display with motor still attached! One of a kind. What we are known for. So get in to Monticello and see the new stuff - well actually it is OLD!