Saturday, June 14, 2014

Old Glory

I love the flag! It represents so much about our country and the sacrifices so many people have made to keep us free! We have alot of vintage flags for sale in this display. And we have some wonderful WW1 ephemera in this display - from a Welcome Home banner that was hung on doors in 1919 to alot of Red Cross items. There is a program of songs and poems to welcome home the troops and alot of war bond ads too. There are 30" and 55" fabric banners to hang inside or outside and a wonderful 80" long narrow flag to use down the center of your table. So come down and enjoy the display and get some decorations to show your pride too! Sara and Bob did this display for me as I am still recovering from my knee replacement. I so appreciate my family helping me as I get my strength back. Happy Fourth of July and long may she wave! Happy Birthday America!