Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bottle Drying Racks

Do you have a bottle drying rack in your home yet?  Well we just took more into Monticello and hung blue ball jars on it. I have one in my kitchen with white ironstone pitchers hung on it.  I think one in your garden potting shed to hang terracotta pots on would be useful and charming!  So come on into Monticello and get one.  We will be doing a spring display upfront on Friday cause we want spring - NOW! Come see it and shop the sales at Monticello too.  Get your bottle drying rack 10% off...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Metal Farm Signs

Today I took new antiques up to our farm display in Monticello Antiques in Portland. Their is a great metal sign "Allstate Leghorns" that I don't think will be there for long.  Old signs are hard to find and in demand.  I also took up a pottery head that is most wonderful.  I have not found any marks on it but it is very unusual.  If you collect pottery this one is for you.  Their is also an old hat box in great shape that says it is made of walrus is a great display piece no matter what it is made up.  So go in and take a look.  Take some friends and make a day of it in Portland.  P.S. Sorry the pics above all ran together - Blogger is still having issues:)  Swear it is not me!