Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The display from nowhere!

Now that I live in Washington, right across the beautiful Columbia River one would think selling antiques in Portland, OR at Monticello Marketplace was going to be so easy. Remember - I used to live in Cottage Grove, OR and had to drive two and a half hours to get to Portland. But our new home has no place for my antiques. Yes, we are working on getting a barn built but it takes months. So this new display literally came from nowhere. I had no place to set it up - I am a two and a half hour drive from my current warehouse - so it was a difficult one. It happened and has sold well already. The primitive hutch and chippy table sold the first day. I never even got pictures! So I was back in today with more furntiure to fill in the gaps. I am always amazed at how many wonderful customers come up to me to say how much they love our booth. It is heartwarming. So from nowhere it came but I got it done. So on a cold, rainy day go do some shopping at Monticello on Stark in Portland. Maybe I will see you there!  I look forward to 2015 (and a barn) and the promise of new things to come. Celebrate and may the New Year be one of your best.... Mary

Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Cheer

Santa has come to our booth in Monticello. We did a traditional red and white Christmas with a garden twist! There are lots of lemon cyprus topiaries and rosemary trees to brighten and scent any room in your home for the season. There are two large vintage watering cans - one is a red Hawes from England. Fill it with holly on your front porch for a grand welcome! There are vintage red paper bells to hang and Balsam and Cedar candles to scent the air. I love the large white snowflake stars that light up - Silent Night style. I even made simple stockings from some vintage kitchen curtains and they hang from the white mantel from an assortment of sad irons. So the Monticello Christmas Show starts on this Friday. Get in to see the magic and enjoy the show. Repent Antiques is up front in our regular booth as I decided not to be in the show because of our pending move. We are awaiting word from the underwriter so that we may sign and start hauling! Have yourself a grand Thanksgiving full of family, friends and good food. We will do the same.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finally Fall!

It is finally Fall! We had rain and now cooler temperatures too. The light is just dirfferent -have you noticed it too. I love it and the energy that comes from a new season. So we made our way back up to Monticello to add some merchandise to walls and shelves that had sold. I even had friends texting me pictures of empty spaces (thanks Janet and hope you found some cool treasures). I added a collection of sweet 1940's samplers, a large wicker basket that I hung on the wall and a well built wicker chair with a new cushion. So the Fall Show ends on Sunday and it has been a good one - we sold alot of furniture too. We will load up what is left and back into the warehouse in Cottage Grove it will go. Then I will load up Halloween and change out the front display that you see here. So watch for that and enjoy the beginning of Fall. Think I will go make some squash soup..... Mary

Friday, September 5, 2014

White pumpkins

 I love white pumpkins. I have nothing against the traditional orange ones but the white ones just send me. We had them last year too but this year the grower grew a few different sizes besides the big ones. What fun to decorate with. And I am not the only one who likes them because Monticello just called me and six hours into the show we have sold out of the big ones! So if you want a big one you will have to give me a day to get them up to Portland. 
 Our booth at Monticello has been taken over by cows, pigs and sheep too.

 A wonderful wooden trough to pile with pumpkins.
So come see what the fuss is about. I am so ready for fall... Mary

Monticello Fall Show

 Why I LOVE my Sprinter! It holds so much and makes my job so much easier. So from this pile came this fall display=

 The dresser is so wonderful. It is grain painted to look like pine and has hand carved wooden handles!  One of a kind.
 The little 2 1/2" mason jars can be place settings with water and a fresh flower. They also slip over little white lights! How cute are they!
 Willow trays that are 36" or 60" to pile with fall pumpkins and berries!
 We have every color and shape of pumpkin from a local grower.
The Fall Show at Monticello kicked off at 8:00 am and runs through September 28. Go see all the displays and get your home ready for fall. The dealers add merchandise daily. I am taking two more boxes up on Saturday myself. So get up to Portland for a day of shopping. Maybe I will see you there... Mary

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's black or white

I love the combination of black and white. They each make the other color pop and come alive. So our new display is just that - black and white. A visual delight! I love the old piano key wall piece - perfect for anyone musical (third picture down). So get into Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland and shop all the fun displays.

We have been busy collecting and making items for the upcoming Fall show that opens on Friday, September 5 at 8:00am. The shows are put on in the back portion of Monticello and are a delight to see. Each invited dealer does some creative magic with their space. So put it on your calenders and come see for yourself.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Retro Summer

With the heat of summer my mind turns to brighter colors and fun furniture. So we just did a retro display with some of the best (bright and clean) vintage tablecloths. kitchen towels and aprons that I have ever had. A metal turquoise desk and file cabinet make the display come alive. A generous sprinkling of pink flamingos and the display screams SUMMER! So go take a look and get out of the heat! But enjoy summer - even if you just put a pink flamngo next to your chaise lounge! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Old Glory

I love the flag! It represents so much about our country and the sacrifices so many people have made to keep us free! We have alot of vintage flags for sale in this display. And we have some wonderful WW1 ephemera in this display - from a Welcome Home banner that was hung on doors in 1919 to alot of Red Cross items. There is a program of songs and poems to welcome home the troops and alot of war bond ads too. There are 30" and 55" fabric banners to hang inside or outside and a wonderful 80" long narrow flag to use down the center of your table. So come down and enjoy the display and get some decorations to show your pride too! Sara and Bob did this display for me as I am still recovering from my knee replacement. I so appreciate my family helping me as I get my strength back. Happy Fourth of July and long may she wave! Happy Birthday America! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seeds for Sale!

The sign says "Seeds for Sale" but we have something even more amazing than just seeds for sale! A store seed display rack c.1910 from the Alfred J. Brown Seed Co. from Grand Rapids, Michigan! A beautiful piece that was given to stores who stocked the companies seeds. One of a kind as I am sure not many survived when the stores closed down. Get in to see it. The second picture is some c.1915 seed packs in unused condition. The colors are wonderful. They look just right in the seed rack as they are the same vintage. Funny how that works!
The back wall is a wonderful six foot gate with a c.1910 scale on the counter.  The ferns add just the right color to pull it all together! So the Home and Garden show is still going strong with new displays in all parts of the store. Come in and buy some seeds!