Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seeds for Sale!

The sign says "Seeds for Sale" but we have something even more amazing than just seeds for sale! A store seed display rack c.1910 from the Alfred J. Brown Seed Co. from Grand Rapids, Michigan! A beautiful piece that was given to stores who stocked the companies seeds. One of a kind as I am sure not many survived when the stores closed down. Get in to see it. The second picture is some c.1915 seed packs in unused condition. The colors are wonderful. They look just right in the seed rack as they are the same vintage. Funny how that works!
The back wall is a wonderful six foot gate with a c.1910 scale on the counter.  The ferns add just the right color to pull it all together! So the Home and Garden show is still going strong with new displays in all parts of the store. Come in and buy some seeds! 


  1. all looks amazing!! Love the seed packet holder, and packets....

    Hope you are doing better.


  2. Oh my goodness, that seed display is AMAZING! Any chance it's still for sale and that you live in the South? :-D