Friday, January 3, 2014

Til the cows come home!


I love January - the holidays are over and you have some time to organize and simplify your home. So we brought out the cows, red gingham oilcloth, chicken towels and primroses. The cows are on canvas and very reasonably priced ($28-$38) and don't just have to go in your home. We had one customer whom hung it on her barn and had her husband frame it with old barn wood like a window. Now when she drives up the driveway the cows welcome her. I would spray the canvas with a clear urethane spray to protect it. My favorite thing in this display is the oval galvanized water trough with the custom made wooden seat/table top. Put it behind your couch or use it as extra seating. We had several of those troughs on the farm and I had to scrub them out way too often. But I still think it makes quite a statement. So come get your own cow. And don't forget a few primroses to make the grey days a little brighter - and they smell wonderful! All waiting for you at Monticello Marketplace in Portland... Mary and Sara