Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a show at Monticello!

So when all things come together just right - you have a great event!  Joyce and Kelly have outdone themselves with the current Spring show at Monticello.  So much to see. So many imaginative displays and vendors. It all came together and is amazing. The first day was a steady stream of customers and a steady stream of treasures being carried to cars. The good news is that we are all restocking like crazy.  We will go up again with more plants - the ferns at $16 have been popular!  Furniture has come and gone and been restocked too.  I love the vintage green bins under the chalkboard!  We have the perfect garden hats in too with a high sun block in them.  So come try one on and be ready when that sun is out every day (wishing).  Thank you Monticello for such a fun place for Sara to do her amazing displays and for me to search out the best vintage finds.  We are having fun.... Come have some with us.  We are working on our next display - bees! So watch.... Mary and Sara

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our New Space at Monticello

I love this new space at Monticello -everything about it just feels like home. We love the lighting and the beadboard ceiling. It is right up front at Monticello so that is a bonus too. Sara worked her magic yesterday and it came out better than expected. . She got lots of positive feedback as she was setting it up which she deserves for as hard as she works. I was the pack mule who carried everything to her. Hey - it was useful and I got to visit with the other vendors who were there. It all fell in place and it feels great. Please come sit a minute on the black leather bench and relax as you look around at our new home.  We will continue to change out displays often - more reasons for you to visit.  Welcome home Repent! 

 So the garden show starts on April 12 at Monticello and you had better make a day of it for yourself and a friend.  Hope to see you there!  Mary and Sara