Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our New Space at Monticello

I love this new space at Monticello -everything about it just feels like home. We love the lighting and the beadboard ceiling. It is right up front at Monticello so that is a bonus too. Sara worked her magic yesterday and it came out better than expected. . She got lots of positive feedback as she was setting it up which she deserves for as hard as she works. I was the pack mule who carried everything to her. Hey - it was useful and I got to visit with the other vendors who were there. It all fell in place and it feels great. Please come sit a minute on the black leather bench and relax as you look around at our new home.  We will continue to change out displays often - more reasons for you to visit.  Welcome home Repent! 

 So the garden show starts on April 12 at Monticello and you had better make a day of it for yourself and a friend.  Hope to see you there!  Mary and Sara

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