Sunday, March 23, 2014

A European theme

We did a new display at Monticello yesterday with a European theme.  I upholstered two chairs in linen and made some "wool" pillows that is all the rage now.  My favorite items in this display are the antique linen grain sacks. The nubby texture and heavy weight are amazing. To think of someone breaking down the fibers, spinning it and then weaving it into a 20" width of fabric is amazing to me. These sacks are from all over Europe and about 100 years old. The weaver would do stripes (red and blue being the most common) and the some of them would embroider their initials on the sacks. When they took their harvested grains to the miller they were guaranteed to get their own flours and grains back. I had intended to make pillows out of the sacks but was hesitent to cut them once I held them.  I am getting over it and you will see some grain sack pillows soon.  So get up to Monticello soon. We noticed lots of new merchandise and displays at the orther vendors too.  Time to update your house for spring. Remember to mark your calender that the Spring Home and Garden show will open on Friday, April 11and run through June 16. I have been collecting some wonderful treasures as have all the other dealers. So plan on coming up for that. Now I have to go work on that display.....


  1. Love that display. somehow missed seeing it when here....
    Did you cover a whole wall with the paper just for this display? love it!
    You are amazing!


  2. PS love that very narrow, shallow wall shelf where hat is. Bob make that??