Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jadite Happiness

If you collect Fire King Jadite you had better get down to Monticello soon. I put up a new display yesterday (with Bob's help) of vintage Jadite. The color is so spring like that I thought it would cheer up all the snow battered Portland shoppers. We have some rare pieces in this collection - oval restaurant ware platters - two early mark mugs - restaurant ware (heavy) mugs and lots more. I also put in one of my favorite things in the display - The Good Home laundry products. The green bottle of laundry softener/fragrance is call Green Grass. I wash our sheets in it and go to sleep dreaming of new mown fields. The purple bottle is French Lavender and you will not want to get out of bed! So the rains are back - perfect weather for a stroll through Monticello.  After helping load and unload everything I have to feed my helper so I took him to The Tin Shed on Alberta in Portland. What a yummy place! Fresh handmade food like we eat at home and I didn't have to wash the dishes. Try them when you are hungry- you can even take your dog and sit by the big fireplace on the enclosed patio!  Coming soon - fresh lavender bundles and sachets from France. The bad weather has slowed down deliveries! I will take them up as soon as they arrive.  Mary

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  1. It's all beautiful Mary, and I know changed by now too. Great that you sold all that!

    Be blessed

    PS fun to see your booth now.