Monday, April 21, 2014

When it sells...

 When it sells we replace it! The table in our Euro display sold so we put the nicest chicken crate coffee table I have ever had in its place. Love the legs and the patina of the wood is perfect.
 Back in the Garden show booth we had alot of furniture sell too. This is a little table that Bob made out of reclaimed wood and a slender door. It could be used as a potting bench but I think it is perfect for using on your patio to serve up dinner!
 Sara made us up a sweet Fairy Garden.
 The white urns went in and went right out! Will post pics when I get up there to replace them!
 The ostrich ferns have been very popular. They die back in winter but come up every spring in a riot of green!
Some yelloware bowls ready to serve up your favorite recipes.

So the Garden Show runs through June 15 with new inventory coming in every morning. I love seeing some of the things the other dealers bring in. So come shop at Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland. A fun place! Now I have to go load more furniture.... 

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