Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Garden Show!

Rieger begonia hanging baskets and the new Mad Hare cement rabbits! Let the show begin...

The new Mad Hare rabbits on the right and the sweet cement bunnies on the left.
Ever garden needs one... or both????

Sara is our sign painter but I actually did the Star garden seeds clock. I was glad to
finally find something to do with that big round of plywood.

Sara's signs above the oak hutch and to the left. She has quite a following
and a special order list to do too!

Spicy Apple, Anjou Pear and Apricot Rose candles. Oh the smells!

Bunny vases, metal post boxes and a card holder made out of a pastry cutter.

The Mad Hare is my favorite garden piece this year! Yes I kept one!

Look at that rusty garden cart that the McGregor sign is on. It is long
and beautiful and may need to live on your porch....

Sara signs - these are only $60 each. Don't they look old!

A  garden bell to call everyone to dinner.

An old enamel sink on a sewing machine base. There are two black porcelain door handles where the
faucets would have been. Ready for your porch..
So get down to Monticello Antique Marketplace for their Garden Show! You will be amazed at the
creative displays and wonderful merchandise for sale. 


  1. this all loooks WONDERFUL!!!!
    you know I love Sara's signs...and the clock you fun!! nice job!

    Love that you got that sink. It is a great piece...and I see your cart. all looks wonderful! (oh there is that white drawer unit too....) =)

    get ready to refill all that cuteness.


  2. Thanks Barb. As you know - lots of time finding, cleaning, pricing and doing the display! LOVE my job!