Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring is knocking...

With the arrival of Spring comes softer colors. This display with the hand made blue and white quilt is a breath of fresh air! Welcome Spring at Monticello with our new display! Even cows and roosters come in Spring colors!

The blue barn door is a great backdrop for any room. I painted and dark waxed one side in the blue but the other side is the original color white/soft grey. Use it on both sides for two totally different looks. 

Sara has painted another sign on old wood and you have an instant "antique". She does a great job with the graphics and colors. She has a new puppy, Juneau, that is taking time away from her painting! I will keep her focused.... we love Juneau too though. Smart and my first grand dog. 

A vintage French wire birdcage made in Tunisia. Beautiful! 

Little wire and glass picture frames with vintage postcards in them. A nice thank you or birthday gift for anyone. The white enamel soap dishes are so practical you may need a few.

German grain canisters in blue and white. Two have lids and two do not. Priced well.

German Roe deer mounts. Love these! So come help welcome Spring - we are so glad it is here! See you at Monticello!

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