Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Christmas farm table.

Sometimes your life steers you in a direction and you don't even see it coming! So that was how I met this awesome farm table with the awesome metal top. It was made by Gordon Lesslie for his wife, Judi and family. I know many delicious meals were shared on this farm table. Memories were made. That was one thing I always made happen as I raised my family - we all ate dinner together and shared our day. Special times. So now we have this wonderful farm table ready for a new family to make their memories...

In the same metal theme I came across this pedal car. Kids spent a lot of time in it being kids and making memories. It is still in good working order but would look good on your porch too.

Pointsettias, lime green cyprus, cement grey rabbits make for a pleasing Christmas color theme. Doesn't Sara do great displays...she and Ben came all the way up to help me. She said "I will help you - it's what we do". 

Christmas trees in metal olive buckets with twinkling lights and galvanized star ornaments continue the metal theme. The local, fresh wreaths smell wonderful...

This wall is not done as we left the hand painted Christmas tree sign (on metal) behind when we packed the van. I will post pics of it tomorrow. My daughter Sara paints the best vintage looking signs! The garden art globes are made by another friend (thanks Greg and Leighanne)  out of found metal pieces. We put buckets of fresh greenery in them but they would be awesome with pumpkins or big pots of summer blooms too.
The Monticello Christmas show opens on Friday at 8:00 am.  We have a display in the show too. Will post picks of it tomorrow.The show will be amazing and continues through Christmas

 As I type this my daughter and son-in-law are waiting for their ride to pick them up in Salem as he was closer than us. On their way home tonight they hit a deer on I-5 and their car burst into flames. They are fine. So I just got my Christmas present - thank you Lord for keeping them safe! Nothing else matters...nothing.


  1. missed this posting.
    love it all!!
    hugs and blessings

  2. oh Mary. It is all amazing. Love the Christmas tree sign and the whole display.
    I'm enjoying every inch of it.
    need to put these on FB so I can share.

    be blessed

    PS I have been sick ever since I saw that car you got at the shop that I did not buy it. what a wonderful piece.