Monday, November 2, 2015


From Haloween to Christmas? Not me as I love Thanksgiving. So today
we changed out our space to a Thanksgiving display.

From vintage French chairs to some nice squash in an unusual color. It is time
to be Thankful.....

Linen aprons to cook that turkey and your specialty side dish.

Copper makes this display shine. The artwork is special. When I first saw it
I felt like every woman right after the big meal. I call it "It took me 3 days to cook
it and 20 minutes for them to eat it!" is what I am calling it. You understand....
So get into Monticello for the items in this display. On November 20th the Christmas
Open House opens and this display will be gone. So have a wonderful time with
family and friends... and always be thankful.... Mary

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