Thursday, September 3, 2015

Greenvale County Farmers Market

The Fall Show at Monticello opens on Friday, September 4 at 8:00 am. Here is our back display - The Greenvale County Farmers Market. Everyone loves the old sign - but it is not very old really. My daughter Sara painted it on an old barn door. Isn't it charming! The words are double sided and slide in and out to advertise what is fresh today. Thank you Sara for making this display happen. She also made the white shelf out of an old door. I love that she left the glass doorknob in place. I found the white chippy kitchen shelf, redid the wicker table and upholstered the two white chairs. So this really is a family affair.

All the white pumkins are real and grown by a wonderful family in Hubbard. I love how this job connects me to all these people. Thank you Dylan and Darren - they are amazing pumkins.

My favorite thing in the show (besides that sign) is this vintage copper egg poacher! A rainy morning with poached eggs and a fresh orange juice - sigh!

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