Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moles and Sales!

Okay so I don't want alot of flack about a dead mole. He did not feel a thing! Really!! Still had a smile on his face after eating all my worms! I like animals - we have two dogs, a cat, an African Grey parrot, two Royal Palm turkeys and a dozen chickens! They are all well cared for and healthy. Moles are vile and secretive. They don't even like the sun! I am tired of going up to the garden and twisting an ankle in a mole tunnel. One down - more to come!  Took in a new kitchen Island to Monti today. The retro green spatter table sold - to Newmans Fish Market here in Portland. We shopped at their Eugene store for years. So the table ( I did crafts on it for years) went to a happy home. Enjoy the last days of summer.... ready for fall myself!

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