Monday, April 6, 2015

The Garden show is coming!

The long awaited garden show at Monticello in Portland opens this Friday at 8:00 am!  Here are a few sneak peek pics of what we have in our display. It is certainly not finished but I have plenty of time -Ha!
The most incredible thing we have is the European cement bench with lion legs and pillow tuffting on the back. It is quite the one of a kind thing that people come to the show looking for. It is certainly the heaviest thing at the show! I will post pictures when the display is done. So get down to see what all the fuss is about. I know Monticello will be posting some sneak peeks too so visit their blog to see more. Tired but happy. Instead of having lunch like most of the other dealers, Bob and I went and bought a mid-size John Deere tractor with a mower to cut all our pastures. Sweet little machine to make this place sparkle! More soon.. Mary


  1. looks great Mary.
    That bench is incredible.

    Anxious to see how clocks do. =)


    1. They BOTH sold real fast on the first day! They loved them. Great job!