Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sneak Peek

Guess I have taken a break from blogging! Not intended really but life just happens sometimes. The weather here in Washington has been wonderful and spring is ahead of schedule. I have been having fun discovering what is coming up in my new yard. Someone before me liked plants so I am off to a good start! Not enough hours in the day!

So here are some pics of my new display. Repent Clothes! Vintage lace and recycled shirts and slips to layer for the casual lifestyle with a little extra! It all started a few years ago when I bought a cotton shirt I just loved - the fabric, the style and the pockets! The price was a little high but I figured quality was a good purchase. Nope - the first time I washed it  shrunk up! So using my sewing skills I added length to it with some vintage lace. Every time I wore it women would ask me where I had purchased it. So now I have finally made some for sale. 

The other part of the display are some locally made brass and enamel tags. From letters (wear your initial) to numbers (put the number on her birthday package as the tag) to words ( tie them on jars or make key rings). I just love them and have some plans for using them in my new home. I have also almost finished a GIANT chalkboard perpetual calendar using the number tags. I will post pics when it is done.

So I will make a better effort to post as I change displays. Or you could gather up the "girls" and do a shopping day at Monticello in Portland. I could provide lunch! So enjoy spring here cause it sure beats what the east coast is getting... Mary

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  1. wonderful post.
    love the little pin stripe top, and the story as to how you got started making the tops.
    love the enamel tags too.
    catching up is so fun!
    Be blessed