Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New merchandise today!

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been beautiful the last several days and I struggle with do I paint a piece of furniture and price merchandise that has come in or do I work outside while the sun lasts. So I have tried to find that happy medium that we all struggle with and done both.  But today I had to drive the two hours to Portland to restock our booth and the yard takes second fiddle.  So here are some pics of the new things I took up today: a wonderful orange velvet childs chair in great condition, alot of vintage Halloween paper decorations (the cat is 36" long and in great condition), a glass battery case full of composite baby dolls, moss and rubber worms and a great childs microscope set. So as I begin my early morning drive I stop at my favorite Starbucks for my latte.  As the money is being passed (actually the lady in front of me paid for mine so I paid for the lady behind me) the cashier leans way out the window and says "What is that?" pointing to the glass battery case full of heads and eyes and worms sitting in the passenger seat with a safety belt on it. Where would you have put it? I tried to explain and merely left her with one of the rubber worms.  So find your balance, pay for the car behind you and share your rubber worms!  Mary

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