Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Show at Monticello

I know - when most people think of fall they think of orange pumpkins and red leaves! Think again and enjoy a beautiful white pumpkin (yes they are real and are for sale) for a relaxing change.  The turn of the Century oil painting of the gentleman with pearl buttons is a show stopper!  Everybody had to come up and look at him up close. What a display it made as everything came together.  Sara can display anything and I find some good stuff for her to display!  Sara made the leaf wreath and I made the white leaf vines. If you haven't already figured it out - I LOVE this display. I want to move in and just sit there! So get to Monticello's Fall Show that opens Friday at 8:00am and see it for yourself. You may just find me sitting there enjoying it too... Mary  P.S. The next post will be of our orange pumkins and red leaves space out back in the show for the tradition in all of us!

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