Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's go camping!

Summertime is in full swing here in Oregon.  What a better way to spend time than go camping in the great outdoors. So our new display at Monticello is about camping, fishing and spending time outside. My favorite in this display is the vintage red plaid handmade swimsuit that Sara mounted and bannered with "Summertime". Perfect on your mantel!  The other gem in the display is the little folding 1940's camp grill! So get in to Monticello to browse the new display. We will keep refreshing in over the next few weeks. We ordered handmade s'mores from Butter in Vancouver, B.C. and will have those for sale in a few days. You have to come get a few for a special treat after your next BBQ. They are soooo good. Have some fun this summer and by all means - Go Camping! 

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