Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Farm display

Today we did a new display at Monticello Antiques in Portland.  It has a decidely "farm" theme.  The best piece there is the Schults Bread case - WOW!! Classy, one of a kind piece that is turn of the century wonderful. It was used to sell Schults bread out of in a country store in Iowa.  Go visit it cause you will proably never see another one.  The dog cart that the bread case sits on got alot of attention while I was doing the display too. I think it will find a new home quickly.  My favorite piece is the Home Made Goodies sign - very fun.  So get yourself to Monticello Antique Marketplace on Stark in Portland for a fun day of shopping to make your home your own with all the one of a kind items... And remember - Shop now - Repent later.   Mary

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